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Conveniently located on Tanti Ave in the centre of Mornington, Mornington Chiropractic has been providing quality chiropractic care and myotherapy for over 25 years.

We provide a high standard of care at all times, and promise to take the time needed with each patient to properly assess and diagnose their joint and mobility problems.

We employ a range of techniques in our practice, including chiropractic care, myotherapy and remedial massage. Treatment usually combines on site manual therapy, followed by a conversation with our staff about exercises and lifestyle changes that will help to stop joint or mobility issues from reoccurring.

We will always do everything in our power to get you back to health as quickly as possible. New patients are always welcome. Make an appointment with us today.

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Chiropractic is a healthcare profession focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through adjustment and/or gentle manipulation of the spine.

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A qualified Myotherapist works with patients to treat and rehabilitate a wide range of issues including issues with joints, sporting injuries, back neck and shoulder pain.

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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a form of massage that is used to treat pain, relieve muscle tension and increase mobility.

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New patients are always welcome. Make an appointment with us today.