Andrew is originally from Western Australia and moved east to study chiropractic when chiropractic studies were only available in Melbourne. Andrew has a city-based practice and has always enjoyed working on the peninsula. He previously worked in Mt Eliza for a number of years and has been in this location in Mornington more than five years now.

Andrew has enjoyed working with problems commonly found in office workers, but also those working in more physically demanding jobs. He has been a strong advocate of combining the ‘magic’ of chiropractic care with myotherapy to achieve quick and effective results for the most common musculoskeletal problems.

Recently Andrew has undertaken post-graduate studies in functional neurology. This is an exciting new direction in chiropractic. It closely assesses the functionality of the nervous system and uses the relationship between different neuronal pools to effect change.

When not at work Andrew is most likely to be found outdoors, either on a bike, on a snowboard or, in more recent years, in the garden, an activity he finds surprisingly physical! He has participated in a couple of long-distance charity rides, helping to raise money for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Andrew has seen the remarkable benefits of chiropractic care over his years in practice and undertakes regular care himself.

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