Avoiding Dairy Can Be Bad For Bone Health

A recent survey of 2000 young adults by the National Osteroporosis Society in the UK found that up to 70% of young people had been on some kind of diet. Many are influenced by vloggers or chatrooms. A whopping 20% of respondents stated that they have tried a dairy free diet.

Unfortunately, by excluding dairy from their diet, young people put themselves at risk of having lowered bone density. The majority of bone mass is created before the age of 25, making young adulthood a crucial time to develop bone mass. Adopting a dairy free diet can have a huge effect on their future bone density!

Later in life, this has a huge impact on a persons quality of life. Thin bones (osteoporosis) are experienced by about 50% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50. Osteoporosis can result in multiple fractures and back pain when vertebrae collapse.

To prevent issues like osteoporosis and back pain later in life, it is essential that young adults eat a diet that is rich in calcium. While dairy is particularly rich in calcium, it can also be found in high levels in green vegetables (e.g. Spinach) and salmon. For vegans, or people excluding dairy for medical reasons, a carefully planned diet is essential.

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