Avoiding sickness this winter

Winter is a time of year that many of us are struck down by colds and flus. This stops us from doing everyday activities that make us happy and keep us fit and healthy.

To help you to ward off illnesses like colds, coughs, fevers and the flu, it is important that your immune system is working at optimal capacity. Here are some things that you can do to keep your immune system healthy:

Eat A Well Balanced Diet

When winter comes, it is tempting to turn to fatty and fast comfort foods. Avoid the temptation, and try cooking hearty soups, pastas and casseroles that have been bulked up with nutrient rich vegetables.

For example, grated up carrots and spinach leaves can be added to bolognaise sauce, and many online recipes exist that switch out pasta for thin slices of zucchini. There are lots of ways to ensure that you and your family eat healthy without feeling like you are missing out.

Ensure you get adequate sleep

A lack of sleep makes us more susceptible to colds, flus and fevers People who do not get enough quality sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus like the common cold.

Our bodies also need sleep to help fight illnesses. For most adults, seven or eight hours of good quality sleep is required each night.

Engage in regular excercise

Engaging in regular exercise can boost out immune system. We still aren’t 100% sure exactly why this is, but current theories are that exercise helps flush bacteria and viruses out of our systems and slows their growth rate through increasing body temperature.

When it is cold outside, it can be harder to exercise. Not only does regular exercise help us to fight colds, but it also makes us feel happy and positive. It is therefore important to ensure that you exercise during the winter months.

See Your Chiropractor

To ensure that every system (including the immune system) is functioning correctly your brain needs to be able to coordinate and regulate the function of every cell in your body. Interference to your nerve system can compromise this vital connection, leaving the body functioning at less than optimal levels.

Regular spinal checks ensure the body is working at it’s best, and will assist with warding off cold and flu bugs.

Keep these tips in mind to help protect you and your family as you battle through the rest of winter. And remember, of course, that summer is on its way!!

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