The Benefits of Walking

It gets cold in winter on the Mornington Peninsula. During these chilly days, it is tempting to rug up and stay inside in front of the fire. But you should avoid the temptation and try to get outside for a walk everyday. This improves your physical and mental health. Walking provides numerous benefits including: Arterial… Read more

Finding Happiness

What is happiness? And how can we achieve it? Happiness can be obtained through a self-gratification approach or alternatively, can relate to experiences that give us a deeper sense of purpose and lead to personal growth. A 2007 study followed over 6000 people who rated themselves as happy, and found that happiness and emotional validity… Read more

Slow Down

Modern life can be stressful. We have competing priorities (work, family life, social functions and personal development). This creates a hectic schedule that makes it hard to feel on top of everything. Technology seems to help with this, but in actuality, it can put even more pressure on us! Social media, the fear of missing… Read more

Sprains Vs Strains

Sprains and strains are injuries to the soft tissues of our musculoskeletal system and they are both very common. Soft tissues are the tissues that connect, support, or surround other structures and organs of the body, not being bone. Soft tissue includes: tendons ligaments fascia skin fibrous tissues fat synovial membranes muscles nerves blood vessels.… Read more

Why do I sweat?

Sweat or perspiration is a clear, salty liquid produced and secreted by glands in the skin. We sweat to cool ourselves. This can be because we are feeling hot due to the outside temperature or exercise, or due to overstimulated nerves that are the result of feeling anxious. In humans, sweat is mainly under the… Read more