Exercise Daily to Stay Healthy

The old saying, move it or lose it, holds true when it comes to the health of your body.

Your body wasn’t  designed to be sedentary. Joints seize up when they’re not regularly used, muscles break down when they’re not activated and lungs hold less oxygen when they’re not fully opened up.

It is absolutely vital for your body and your health that you regularly walk, bend and breathe deeply. Exercise doesn’t have to be a formal activity, you just have to move around!

How much exercise do you need to do to stay healthy?

To stay healthy, you need to have a mixture of:

Cardiovascular Training (For the heart and lungs)

Strength Training (For the muscles and bones)

Flexibility Training (For the tendons and joints)

Ideally, you should do exercise that gets you out of breath for at least 20 minutes per day!

Strength training is a good way to do this. Find something that is just heavy enough for you to be able to life 12-15 times in a row and repeat for three sets, or until you can’t lift anymore (Whatever comes first).

Remember afterwards to stretch out all of your muscles. This helps to keep your body strong, minimises the risk of many lifestyle diseases and helps you maintain energy levels.

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