Sacroiliac Joint Stretch

The sacroiliac joint connects the spine to the right and left iliac bones that form the pelvis. These joints support the entire weight of your upper body while upright, and help you to balance and walk.

These joints allow for just a few degrees of rotation, but also absorb shock felt by the spine. Stretching of the Sacroiliac joint is an important way to reduce back pain.

In this video, Chiropractor Andrew Moulton guides you through how to perform a Sacroiliac Joint Stretch.


1.) Lying on the floor, bring one knee up while keeping the foot on the floor.

2.) Use one hand to draw the leg down to the floor.

3.) Hold for around five seconds

4.) Return to a neutral position

5.) Repeat on the other side, and run through the exercise 3-5 times.


If at any time you experience pain, cease the exercise and consult a chiropractor or myotherapist.

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