Social Media – a real pain in the neck

Checking social media, texting and emailing on phones are leading to a syndrome that many doctors and chiropractors are calling “Text Neck” This describes the strain that is put on the neck while a patient is constantly looking down at their phone.

The average adult is spending anywhere between two to four hours per day looking down at their phone. In teenagers, this figure is even higher. This can mean spending as much as 1,400 hours per year looking down at a phone.

How our phones cause neck pain

Many people don’t realise the incredible strain that looking down can place on your neck. Your neck muscles are designed to support an upright head posture. Looking down at a phone or laptop for long periods causes the neck to strain. The further forward you bend your head, the harder your neck muscles have to work.

The average person’s head weighs 4.5 to 5 kilograms. When you bend your head at a 15 degree angle, the extra pressure on your neck means that your head effectively weighs over 12 kilograms! Now think about the angle that most people bend their heads to when looking at a mobile phone.

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