The Business of Sitting Correctly

One of the downsides of modern technology is that we tend to be sitting down for most of the day. We have everything we need in front of us.  

When we are at home a remote control changes the TV station, we pay our bills using a tablet, can have food delivered at the push of a button and, thanks to Netflix, don’t even have to get up to change DVD’s or Video Tapes.

Additionally, just about every job these days involves at least some period of extended sitting. When you think about it, it is quite alarming the amount of time that we spend sitting down every day.

Are back problems caused by sitting down?

The way that we sit can have huge implications for our spinal health. Poor posture while seating can cause back problems. When we aren’t seated correctly, the spine is subjected to abnormal stresses. This can lead to unnecessary wear and tear of the spinal structured, reduced function and poor health.

How to sit correctly!

1.) Sit with your height distributed evenly through both seat bones. Pay particular attention to this when driving.

2.) Don’t slouch! When you slouch, the weight distribution shifts from your seat bones (which are strong) to your tail bone (which is not). The tail bone or sacrum is not designed to withstand his amount of pressure.  

3.)Take your wallet out. Remove your wallet from your back pocked before sitting down. Having your wallet in your pocket creates an uneven surface to sit on, and will cause your pelvis to tilt.

4.) Avoid crossing your legs on the sofa. Crossing your legs, or sitting with them crossed while on the sofa puts uneven pressure on one side of the spine. If you must do this then limit the time spent in one position and alternate sides.

5.) Take regular breaks. Take regular breaks while seated, and ensure you get up and move around for at least five minutes every hour.

6.) Use a foot stool or lumbar roll at your desk. This will help you to keep in the correct posture while working.

Being aware of your posture during all of your daily activities is the best way to ensure that you are using good body mechanics. Once you start to incorporate the tips above into your daily life they will start to become second nature. Your back and spine will be grateful.

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