The Importance of Breathing

Most of us do not think twice about how we breathe. It’s just automatic, isn’t it?

Breathing is arguably the most important of all bodily functions because all other functions depend on it. It is our only means to supply our bodies and organs with oxygen, which we need to survive! Breathing also gets rid of waste products and toxins from the body.

Is this automatic and unconscious breathing that we are doing enough for optimum health? How do we know if we are breathing correctly?

If you are breathing correctly, your breath should be slow and deep. When breathing properly, it is your stomach area, not your chest that should be pushing out. If you are unsure of what this looks like, just watch a baby breathing and it will all become apparent.

A good way to practice deep breathing is on your back, with one hand on your abdomen (just below your rib cage where your diaphragm is).

When you breath our abdomen should push your hand away. Breathing through the nose is best as it naturally encourages deeper breathing.

Conscious, full breathing raises the metabolic and vibratory rates of our bodies breath is life, so take care to ensure you are breathing correctly today.

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